Collision question

I haven’t understood how to allow collisions over all geometry instead of just collision solids.

So, where is the question?

Of course you can go to your math teacher and tell hin “sorry, I didn’t understand trigonometry” - he might either stay quiet and ask himself what to tell you or he might tell you stuff thats not of interest :wink:

What did you understand about colision objects? Where are the cave-ats? Where is the point where you lost the “red line” of understanding?

Regards, Bigfoot29

My problem is that “every “from” object added to a CollisionTraverser will test for collisions with every other CollisionNode in the scene graph, and will not test for collisions with visible geometry” as is writen in the manual.
I want to test for collisions with visible geometry, too. How do I do that? If you want some more details, I want to make a character walk over uneven terain using CollisionHandlerFloor, which does not check for collisions with the visible geometry, which is the terain, so nothing happens.

You might want to take a look at the Roaming Ralph example, where Ralph !collides! with uneven terrain.

The difference between visible geometry and collision solids is determined by their collide masks. See this manual page: --the bottom of it shows an example of turning on collisions with visible geometry by setting the appropriate collide mask.

Note that collision detection with visible geometry is much, much more expensive than collision detection with collision solids. A better solution might be to edit your egg file so that your ground terrain is loaded as a mesh of collision polygons.


OK, I solved the problem. Thank you all for your help.