Collision Pusher problem [Solved]

Umm… This one is quite hard to explain, so I just hope someone had this problem as well…

I recently implemented Pushers into my coding, so that my character can run against walls. And its working very well, the pushing bit.

I also made it such that I could jump on moving crates which have pushers applied to them, and stay on them, using wrtReparent to reparent the character to the crate, and that works well too.

However, there is a slight problem transitioning I think, between the sides of the crate and the top of the crate. When I jump AGAINST the moving crate to go onto the crate, my character’s position jumps around, causing me to teleport slightly to the side of the crate and then continue jumping.

Anyone ever had this? Or at least, does anyone have any ideas as to how to solve it?

Thanks again!

Sound like the problem is that you are collided with the side of the create.

Basically think of your char as a sphere when it hits the create from the top it also hits the sides. Enable show collisions to see. The side propels it forward even when the collision object is behind the side.

Thank you very much treeform! You were right, I was colliding with the side of the top… After I changed the masks around such that only the ground ray could collide with the top, and the sides could collide with the walls, it worked like a charm.

Much appreciated for the explaination!