collision mesh of model [Solved]

Solved: After searching more on the forums, i found the solution i needed which is to remove the tag in the model file. :smiley:

i saw from the ralph example that for creating a collision mesh our of a model when loading it in, you needed to include the { Polyset keep descend } tag within the model file. However when i tried this, it didn’t work and i wasn’t able to collide with it. Am i missing out other steps?

If you use Roaming Ralph sample code, look at the end:

        if (len(entries)>0) and (entries[0].getIntoNode().getName() == "terrain"):

Here you can see that there must be a group called “terrain” in your egg file. So, open your egg file, and make sure that you have “terrain” at the Group, VertexPool and Ref. And, of course, " { Polyset keep descend }" after Group line.

yes i got that part. But the problem is my handler is giving me 0 collisions so that isn’t the problem >.< all i have done is add those tags and loaded the model is. Is there anything i have to do to make it collidable? Can’t see anything i have to do from the ralph in C++. Dosen’t seem to require setting its bitmask or adding it into a handler of that sort