collision issues - egg tags

hi to all,

  1. I have read to a lot of posts that from the roaming ralph example you can see more details for the { Polyset keep descend } tag. I have read from the comments in the .py file about the specific tag but the think is that I can´t open the ralph.egg.pz model to cross-check it. Is there a special editor to read this file or is somewhere available the same file but in .egg format?

  2. Moreover if I understand well the tag { Polyset keep descend } is doing the same job as the { barrier } ?
    So if I use one of the two tags above in an egg file like the example below then the specific model (e.g test)will be invisible and also a collision solid?

<Group> test {
  <Dart> { 1 }
  <Group> groundPlane_transform {} 
  <Collide> test { polyset descend  }
  <Group> Sphere {

When I try the code above in my egg model is still appearing in the scene. Nothing happens.

  1. do I have to use also the together with the { Polyset keep descend } in order to retrieve the group or I can just say :
smiley = loader.loadModel('models/Implicit.egg')
example = smiley.find("**/test")

any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.

dunno about question 2 and 3. but you can egg.pz are compressed egg files. you can convert them to egg files using “punzip” tool which comes with your panda installation

Use the “punzip” tool that comes with panda to convert .egg.pz into .egg. There’s also “pzip” that does the opposite.

  1. You need to remove the tag from your egg file. The tag indicates an animated model, which is incompatible with collision geometry.

  2. You need either the syntax or the syntax, but not both. In fact, { barrier } is exactly equivalent to { Polyset descend }. You can see this mapping defined in the Config.prc file.


thanks for your replies. everything is working fine now.

That has been frustrating many ppl for years, because the export option is so misleading.

Why don’t you guys integrate my mods ?

I’m all in favor. Pro-rsoft, do you have a minute to integrate this?


Done, committed. I didn’t test it since I don’t have Maya on Linux or Windows, so I hope it breaks on neither OS.

One obvious thing is, since it was created, I think it’s windows only, provided the fact that fileBrowserDialog might be windows only command.

Read them :