Collision issue, pusher not working

I’ve got an issue with collisions that I can’t figure out. I’ve only got 1 item assigned to be handled by pusher (player) and I am walking through level mesh collisions. I can see collisions and it turns red when I bump into them with showCollisions on but I walk through them, why is that?

I have one door that is a collider mesh assigned as polyset keep descend in Blender YABEE exporter and one that I added with code. neither one are pushing me on collision but both show as red boxes when I walk up to them, only i walk through them. Both are meshes as .egg files that I loadModel() on.

Here is the code. It’s the entire thing and it’s not too long.

Pastebin of code here

Any help is appreciated, i’m really enjoying Panda3D

I think that the problem may be that you’re using a CollisionTube as your solid–I believe that tubes cannot be used as “from” objects, save under Panda3D 1.10, and then only when colliding into plane- or sphere- collision-shapes. (See this page of the manual for more information–in particular, note the grid at the bottom of the page, which indicates what may collide with what.)

If feasible, perhaps use a CollisionSphere instead of a tube. If you’re using 1.10, it seems that a CollisionBox might work, too. If neither works for your project, I’m inclined to suggest trying one of the third-party physics engines that Panda supports, such as Bullet.

Thank you! That was the problem.