Collision Feature Request

Note sure if this is the correct place to put this or not, but here goes anyway:

What would be the chances of getting the collision tube enhanced to be functional as a ‘from’ object? Many objects in my game are cylindrical, and the tube would work wonderfully for this, except that if everything is an ‘into’ object, they won’t collide with each other.

Is there any chance of this being looked at? I can use a row of spheres, but if someone is willing to make the tube a ‘from’, then I can code it with the expectation that the spheres will be a temporary fix. If not, then I will have to make it the final method.


I believe there is a student at CMU looking into adding this and other similar enhancements to the collision system this summer. I don’t know any details about the current state of this project, though.


ok, great. Hopefully someone at CMU will see this and post a bit more info. Meanwhile, I will optimistically code my collision spheres as potentially temporary.