Collision exported from 3ds max.

This is a pretty short question: How do I create collision nodes in 3ds max and set their collide mask for export via maxegg.dle?

Hello panda,

I’m not sure for Max but what i’ve seen from any modeler
(Milshape,Wing3D,Poser,Amaya,Blender) is that the trick from drw,
setting { barrier } directly in the egg file for your collision model group works perfect.
Settings this object type automacillay generate the collision nodes for your model (you can see them in pview or in your code).
Also this set your group to non visible by default.

What i do actually for my models is create the low model of the arena.
duplicate and scale it up by 1/1000 and then hide them in my modeling package. Then i do all details ni my initial model and i export both to .egg.
(via .X exporter and converter). In my egg file i set the object type to barrier and that’s all. I’ve got a very good collision model at the cost of 3 clicks in the modelling package.

Hope this may help.