Collision(Error):Invalid attempt to detect collision

I’m getting a problem with the collision solids on one of my models. I’m using maya to export the model and the collision solid along with it.

When I add the collision solid to the traverser like so:

it gives me this error message :

:collide(error): Invalid attempt to detect collision from CollisionPolygon!

This means that a CollisionPolygon object was added to a
CollisionTraverser as if it were a colliding object.  However,
no implementation for this kind of object has yet been defined
to collide with other objects.

I read this thread ( … 74d1dbe21e ) where someone is having the same problem but I cant find a solution. On this thread, one of the posters mentioned that the OP should try to use a different type of collision solid. But, I tried several different shapes and even spheres and nothing seems to work.

If someone could help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it!


You can’t use an arbitrary shape in Maya as a “from” solid, but you can use a CollisionSphere. However, you can’t just model a sphere in Maya and tag it with the normal collision tag, because that just creates a polygonal model that is shaped like a sphere, instead of a true CollisionSphere.

In order to create a CollisionSphere in Maya, you have to tag it with the “sphere” egg flag instead of “barrier” or whatever you are using now.


thanks! that worked!