Collision Detection!

I’m developing a 3d car racing game as my Virtual Reality Module assignement, is there any way that i can know which two of my models (cars) that are in collision?

The collision traverser and the collision handler is working on only 1 model, i’m not able to use it, besides the latter just tell me that a collision has occur by returning me …getNumEntries() = 1

This does not help me, cause i need to know which model are in collision!!

If you have determined the number of collisions using getNumEntries(), you can get a particular entry by using getEntry(0) and getEntry(1), etc.
Which returns a CollisionEntry instance.
As you can see, you are able to check which objects collided there.

Alternatively, you can use the CollisionHandlerEvent system instead of a Queue, which is also documented in the manual.