Collision Detection

Hey guys, I do alot of work in .x file formats and been turning my .x into .eggs so they load faster and its sorta easy to work with what everyone works with. I been wanting to do collison with my camera and tried to do so with examples, but having no luck at all. I did read a long time ago about having to rewright into the .eggs file to include such of thing, witch is my problem, that would take forever to do. Was wounding if you all had fixs this with the new updates or am I having to like give up on collision?

Edit cus I said bam when I mean .egg.

How complex are your objects/environment model? If they’re simple enough, you might be able to simply run the collision tagger script from here instead of manually rewriting the egg file. You would need to know the name of the mesh that you’re going to turn into a collision node though. If the environment is high poly though I would suggest going back in and adding a low poly collision mesh before tagging the mesh.

Its perty big, like little over 10MB of stuff. Thanks for the link but I dont fully know how to go about starting the program. I made the 3 files and try to start them from the bin file like I would with x2egg (or am I miss reading on how to use in the text?) but it seems to pull your program up instead. Or is this how it works? Lol, and last witch one do I do first egg-tag or egg-collide ?

Thanks again for the help.

Hmm… over 10 MB sounds like the environment models would be pretty hefty in terms of polycount, which would make it inefficient for use as a collision mesh. I would suggest creating a low poly collision mesh for the environment. As for the usage of the egg-collide script: -i [-o ] --nodes “nodeName[,nodeName1]” [–keep “True|False”]

Square brackets mean optional argument. --nodes are the names of the meshes in the egg file, --keep says if the mesh should be kept as a visible mesh or to hide it and use it just as a collision mesh.