Collision Detection From The Start

Hello! I use blender and I am wondering, how do I make a collision solid for a model in blender. I want all collision nodes and everything to be handled earlier in a modelling package as it is a hassle do go to every position mark the place, make a solid, etc.

Depends on which version of Blender you use.

If you’re using Blender 2.7, I do believe that there is a collision geometry option that you might wanna opt into when exporting, I don’t use Blender 2.7 so I am not really sure.

If you’re like me who uses Blender 2.9 + blend2bam, adding the --physics-engine builtin flag creates those, there is also a bullet option if you use that physics engine.

Sp you are saying, all I should do is the following?
blend2bam mymodel.blend mymodel.bam --physics-engine builtin

I use what you said.

What are the CollisionNode’s going to be called? I need to detect all of that.

builtin means the builtin collision system or the builtin physics system?

There is some limited docs on this here, but blend2bam will convert Blender rigid body shapes into collisions shapes. By default it converts to Panda’s builtin collision shapes, but this can be switched with --physics-engine bullet. --physics-engine builtin is already the default so setting this flag is redundant. And this means the builtin collision system and not the builtin physics system.

But what are the CollisionNodes?