Collision between objects

Hello everybody…
I tried to make a simple game where a starship is trying to hit some enemies
but I get stuck in performing collision
I used the collision solid procedure…what I have done is that when anything (starship or bullet) hit the enemy then the enemy will be destroyed

But I can’t make that when the enemy is hitted by the starship then the starship will be destroyed but when it hitted by the bullet it will be destroyed

the second thing is that I tried to use the collision method found in Asteroids example in samples folder but it didn’t work with me at all
If you need the source code then I could send it to you

Thank you in advance

Do you mean to remove it from the screen? Then use self.StarShip.removeNode()

If you mean a real “boom” you have to code/make that on your own.

No, I just want to remove it from screen after collision and my problem is how to make enemy destroyed when collision occur between it and bullet and make the starship destroyed when collision occur between starship and enemy
I’ll send the example I had made to see my problem clearly

          if base.handlerQueue.getNumEntries() > 0:
            if not self.pickedObj.isEmpty():
              if self.pickedObj.getParent().getParent().getName() in self.userlist:
                #print self.pickedObj.getParent().getParent().getName()
                self.send = self.UserID + " " + "Shoot" + " " + str(self.pickedObj.getParent().getParent().getName()) + " " + self.GunName + "\n"
            for i in range(base.handlerQueue.getNumEntries()):
              entry = base.handlerQueue.getEntry(i).getFromNodePath()
              ProjectilesName = str(entry.getName())

        if DeleteProjectiles:
          for items in DeleteProjectiles:
              #print base.cTrav
              del self.bullets[items]
              #print "Error with Collision-> " + str(items)
              #print "Items in Collision-> " + str(DeleteProjectiles)

It’s nothing really usable, but this test for collision and then adds them to a list to be deleted using the removeNode() I said before.

That’s a too long code to write
my example which I have problem in … UUIzZUE9PQ
the enemy will be destroyed when it is hitted by bullet (create by
spacebar) or by the ship
I want to make that: when the bullet hit the enemy then the enemy will be disappeared but when the ship hit the enemy then the ship itself will be destroyed