COLLADA importer


Cool, thanks! If it’s too much of a pain to switch your dev environment over, don’t worry too much about it… I think I’d rather see the standalone Collada importer sooner. For the time being, I’m thinking of using the DirectX .x importer instead, until the standalone Collada importer is finished.

Basically, I just need a way to import stuff from Blender 2.5, and it seems that the DirectX exporter for 2.5 is really good… it at least seems more finished than their Collada exporter. I’d like to eventually use Collada since I like the format better, but for now I can make do with .x.


OK, I did it. A can now specify custom tags. Syntax is:

<node ...>
    <technique profile="PANDA3D">
      <param sid="TagName">TagValue</param>


I finally added animation support to dae2egg.

Well, sort of. Can’t say all the matrix magic seems right, but it exports all of the sample animated files I had lying around. If you use Blender, though, you have to use Godot’s Better .dae Exporter, and you have to apply any transforms to your rig before exporting (Ctrl+A) and you have to make sure you don’t apply the armature modifier upon export.

It doesn’t support exporting each animation clip as a separate animation. If someone needs that, I could easily add it, but I doubted that there was too much interest in dae2egg nowadays anyway (for Blender, it is much better to use YABEE).

Use the -a option with “none”, “model”, “chan” or “both” to specify whether you want just static geometry, a rigged model, just an animation or all of the above exported, respectively. To sample a keyframe animation, use -if, -sf and -ef to set the time between frames, start time and end time, respectively. -h explains it all.


For the record, for anyone wanting to build FCollada from source, it is now available from here:

This repository is a fork of the last public release of FCollada FREE (3.05B), with various bug fixes applied to make it work with modern compilers, and the build system ported to CMake.