Collaboration required on major project in UK

Please ignore this thread.

A suitable alternative has now been found.

Thank you.

Proof that this is no spam and give us some links to your previous works or company website.

Sorry for the distrust, but this post sounds like yet another rooks bait.

I have no idea why there is such a profusion of conspiracy theorists among wanabees of the indie gaming community, but I can assure you that more bona fide companies have been “had” by bad coders/modelers than the inverse.

In our particular case we have archive upon archive of concept art and half finished code that we have paid good money for, only for the developer to disappear into thin air when he/she got stuck or bored.

I suggest you read our post again, with your eyes open this time, and suck in the LOD given.

i agree with nemesis. it’s not that we are stirring up conspiracies nor are all of us ‘wannabees’.
if you are running a company, you can at least provide a link to the homepage, a business address or some reference to your previous works.

Looking for skilled coders promising excellent payment but providing no verifiable information about yourself is suspicious.

running a web search on your nick brings up those two hits
but no additional information there either.
regarding your question on the other forums: there are plenty of hacks to make droids run in usb host mode. the most recent release of android should support this natively on some devices already. search the web for “android usb host mode” will give you countless instructions.

It’s a shame that a genuine opportunity to lift a gifted coder from a simple hobby to gainful employment is being met with such animosity on this forum.

We are offering a job - exactly the same as any other employer does in employment agencies around the world. Why would you you think we would need to “prove” anything to a forum in advertising a job? We are simply offering payment in exchange for services. Services are not being asked for free of charge and we would not expect any successful candidate to provide services without entering into a bona fide contract and being paid ( in “yet another” RPG wanabee zombie project).

In addition to the above, we have spent 3 years and substantial investment developing this hybrid electronic product. In view of that you may understand why we have no intention of divulging the intimate details of our work or IP to an open forum.

Sorry, but you are not being serious. You think that people should just jump aboard your ship because you graciously offer them such opportunity? If you want to be regarded as a serious potential employer than act like one.

Giving away your physical and website addresses is not “proving anything”, it’s the normal practice. It’s you searching for employees, last I checked, not us searching for you.

You don’t respect us, on what basis do you expect us to take you seriously?

I can’t see how exposing your address, as any honest company would do, could lead to divulging intimate details of your work or IP… Well, unless you have blueprints and design documents posted all over your building’s front wall…

Guys, let’s please keep it civil in here. From now on, posts on this thread will be limited to direct replies to or questions about the original post.