Cloth system

iS THERE any way to simulate cloth in panda and if you have pls post shader


using shader might be a little bit too advanced for cloth.i dont even know if vertex shader are suited for this. you might be better of using a physik-engine with cloth support and try to get it work with panda. thought there should be a few out there… dont expect too much, cloth needs tons of cpu power. if possible try to bake it into an animation, there are a few free modellers out there supporting such stuff… i belive blender does, too.

there are ways to get it work… but most of them are work itself :wink: and lots of work for our cpu =)
well good luck!

I’m to lazy to do it my self
so if anyone…

ok ok

thanks by the way :frowning:

i googled a little bit. looks like it is possible to write a vertex shader for this.
and looks like there is no physik engine for free wich can handle cloth.
(of course there could be. but none of the famous one does)

if you are intrested. there is quite a lot of information and some good documents about how it’s working.

well. if you can, you really should bake it into an animation, it’s easyer anyway-even when animating cloth by hand. a ready to use cloth simulation you are looking for might be pretty hard to find.

Yes I agree
but I may still try to virtoolize the effect

thanks tomas