Clipping issue: DirectScrolledFrame within DirectScrolledFra

Hello - Just an issue we thought people should be aware of (we’re working around it by playing with our sort orders): Using DirectGUI’s DirectScrolledFrames, we seem to have stumbled upon a small bug in the Frames’ clipping behavior. Specifically, we have a DirectLabel in a DirectScrolledFrame (A) within another DirectScrolledFrame (B). The Label, naturally, is too big for Frame A, and so, as expected, only some of it appears, and we can scroll through it in A. However, when we scroll Frame A to the point where the Label extends beyond Frame B, the clipping fails and the full Label appears on screen, extending beyond the bounds of Frame A. As we’re under a deadline, we just used a cheap workaround involving sort orders, and we haven’t had time to test this behavior thoroughly, so that’s all we know for now. This is under Panda 1.2.3.


Hey atarnow, I stumbbed across your post. I just had a similar problem with a DirectEntry instead of a DirectLabel (just inside of one DirectScrolledFrame).

I have found that the DirectScrolledFrame’s clipping is based on the frameSize of the component within the canvas, not on the length or size of the text.

Also I noticed some other bugy behavior in the scrollers in DirectScrolledFrame, particularly the vertical slider gettting stuck in version 1.2.9xx. I updated to 1.3.2 and have not seen the problem again.

Sorry our paths didn’t cross sooner, but hopes this helps you or someone else.