click on onscreenimages

is it possible to give onscreenimages an eventhandler? when i use the DirectButtons i have allways the design of the standart button in the background.
or can i maybe hide the standard design of the button and then use my own images?

i found these lines in the manual:

egg-texture-cards -o button_maps.egg -p 240,240 button_ready.png button_click.png button_rollover.png button_disabled.png

maps = loader.loadModel('button_maps.egg')
b = DirectButton(geom = (maps.find('**/button_ready'),

but with this code i have the problem i described on the top…

Use a DirectFrame. DirectFrames are normally not clickable, but you can make it clickable by passing state = DGG.NORMAL to the constructor.

Also, for either a DirectFrame or a DirectButton, you can set relief = None to avoid the default geometry in the background.


it works! thanks for replying!