class references

since the pagelyout got changed, i cant find any modul name in the python refernce class area (like, from import Actor), like its done in the c++ section. where do i find this at the python related reference?

it would be very nice, if it could get solved like in the c++ references (with -> include blabla.h)…


Actually, it is there. Look right above the large header class name text thing.

In that screenshot, it’s the “panda3d.core.AnimBundle”. So your import line would be:

from panda3d.core import AnimBundle

However, one thing to note is that the API reference for direct classes, it’ll say “actor.Actor.Actor”. Just note that you have to add direct to that; so:

from import Actor

cool, thanks… i tried this yesterday and today, i thought i did something wrong yesterday. but i dont get this thing working…

example panda3d.core.TextureStage
im doing from panda3d.core import TextureStage
import panda3d.core.TextureStage
its neither working. i think its related to this panda3d.core maybe something which come along in version 1.7?
or what im doing wrong???

The api reference?
I use that page

thanks,(was this line yesterday there? if yes shame on me :blush:) seems i missed that line…

Whoops! I guess I should have asked if he was using 1.6.2. Sorry, ditus! I have been using 1.7.0 for quite a while now, and I didn’t even think of it.