Clarification on animated Texture cards (flip.egg)and actors

Can an actor use a flip.egg?

2nd how would I create a timer to create or loads a new egg every so many seconds and track those models?

Is there an example that covers this?


JB SKaggs

I assume that by flip.egg you mean an animated texture flip, for instance as created by egg-texture-cards.

You can’t build one of these into an Actor, but you can load one separately and attach it to an exposed joint, similar to that demonstrated by the looking and gripping demo.

An animated texture flip automatically switches to its next frame at the appropriate time, but if you mean you want to load a completely new model at some point in the future, that sounds like you want to use taskMgr.doMethodLater(). Managing the list of them is your own responsibility; you could store them in a Python list or something.


Thanks I was thinking along the same thing except I had thought about using task.again()- but this command looks better.