chunked LOD + geomipmapping

made this chunked lod with geomipmapping.
with distant chunks everything is quite ok,
but with nearest there are gaps, so i red about skirts and stitching and etc. but still didnt understand how to make it :frowning: so maybe anyone can explain? or already have made same sort of stuff?

Try calling setBorderStitching(True) for all of your terrains.

i know that, it lowers terrain bordrrs, but it dosnt work quite well. so what will it look like if my border is part of mountain or so :slight_smile: and i only geomipmap couse dont want to learn blender to do stuff in it. and my terrain lod engine can use models too, so they too need some border fixing, i tried it on oblivion terrain models.

so any help??

Border stitching makes the edges of your Geomip terrain all the same detail level. It’s all set to the level 0, the highest, so that the edges of GMTs will match up if you put them side by side.

If I understand you correctly, this is causing it to flatten mountains? It shouldn’t, though any slopes that are right against the edge might get smoothed out by the lower detail levels. But the edges themselves shouldn’t change.

well it’s a bit confusing with the LOD levels.
level0 is the one with the most details. it doesnt flatten anything. it will make the terrain match up without losing anything.