Chrome: Panda3D Game Engine Plug-in 1.0.4 is not allowed


today when trying to run my “game” in Chrome (Version 32.0.1664.3 dev-m Aura),
I was greeted with icon of a puzzle and text “Panda3D Game Engine Plug-in 1.0.4 is not allowed”.
Right-click gives me contextual menu with options to “Run this plug-in”, “Hide this plug-in” and “Inspect element”.
Choosing “Run this plug-in” runs the game.

Can someone confirm this?

Did the plugin get blacklisted? Is there a workaround?


set url to chrome://plugins/ and tick “Always allowed?” under “Panda3D Game Engine Plug-in 1.0.4”

I can’t determine Panda3D’s Extension ID to find out if it’s blacklisted.

List of blacklisted extension IDs can be found on: … _0_149.txt

And I got there by looking into: … 3Dr%253D-1


It might have something to do with the “This site may be hacked.” message that appears when searching Google for “panda3d”.

Hmm, the asteroids demo here: works for me in Chrome Version 30.0.1599.69 m (Windows)

It installed the plugin and I didn’t need to tick ‘Always allowed’ and no puzzle piece appeared.