Chicken R91 - Batch file mode not functionnal ???

I’ve followed the manual to make the script functioning in batch mode.
So i’ve written this code:
@echo off
set chicken_sel=BodyObject
set chicken_anims=anim,30,1,85
set chicken_mextract=True
set chicken_animonly=False
set chicken_singlefile=False
set chicken_forceRelTex=True
set chicken_pview=True
set chicken_bam=True
set chicken_optchar=True
set chicken_optparms=-inplace -flag BodyObj=body -keep SyntheticRootBone
“C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender.exe” -b blobanim.blend -P “G:\DEV\Blender\Scripts\”

It runs the script and make one egg file, but every paramater i’ve written are taken : no animation, no pview, nothing !

Is it a lack of new versions ? Somebody is supporting this tool ? Is it the best way to use panda+blender ?

I’ve found the bug:
line 932 :

We must replace by

s = dict([(k.lower().split(‘chicken_’)[1], os.environ[k]) for k in os.environ.keys() if k.startswith(‘CHICKEN_’)])

It’s because under windows every environment variables are in UPPERCASE by default (not values)

Just to complete this thread, that above change is now in Chicken svn, and will appear with the next release:-)