chicken in makefile [SOLVED]

Hi everyone :smiley:

I am new to panda (though I have basics in 3d modeling and some experience with python), and the project I started is an arcade-oriented modification of the go board-game.

I would like to use a Makefile to automate the generation of the egg files the game need. It works well for the gui part (using egg-texture-cards), but when it comes to generating eggs from .blend files, I’m stuck.

Is there a way to use chicken outside of blender (through command line) ?

I would not think so.

I would just generate eggs out of blender and just use that.

I am not sure what the extra make file setup does for you.

Say you modify 5 models in blender, now you have at least 5 clicks per models to generate their eggs. With a Makefile written once, you just run make and any modified source since last run would be regenerated. Saves time and mistakes.

Anyway it seems there is no way to use the Blender module chicken needs outside of blender itself, so it seems indeed not possible to use chicken in a makefile.

too bad =P

thanks for the answer though.

It has been possible in the past, and it was possible with R67 of Chicken, when it was last fixed - I have no idea if it still works and its an underused feature, so it tends to get broken. Anyway, go have a look at the file in the chicken test directory,

Tell me if it works, and if not I’ll look into fixing it! (Though right now I’m rather short of time, and have several other things I need to look into, so there could be some latency.)

it works, great !

The script as it is fails actually, because there is a call to it as a global variable before the end of its init. Anyway add

	global exporter

line 941 just before self.doExport() and it works.

thanks a lot :smiley:

Thanks - added those two lines into Chicken:-) (R91 onwards.)