Chicken exporter and materials.

Exported an EGG using the Chicken plugin for Blender, I had set materials and material colors in blender, but in Panda3D the model is white and unshaded.

Do I have to add something manually? (noob)

there is only limited support for materials. see the chicken manual for details.
if you want a texture on your model it’s usualy best to use the uv-editor in blender un unwrap and assign the texture (and dont assign a material at all)
psiberpunk should be able to answer every question regarding the chicken exporter (since he wrote it)

In Panda materials are only shown when there is a light on. That might be the problem your seeing… or not seeing :slight_smile:

That was exactly the problem, thanks. This is actualy pretty common in most 3D engines I’ve used, so, DUH on me I guess.