chicken error

I was recently trying to use chicken to export my blender models, and i got this message.

Exception: The Chicken interface requires a full Python installation. Cannot con
tinue - you need to install a 2.x version of Python for Blender to use. Obtain f
rom This is documented in the installation guide, chicken_install.tx
t - please read this and attempt to fix before asking in the forums.

i thought “oh! ok, ill go and do that” so i did, both on the 3.1.3 release and on the 2.7.1 versions, but i still get the same error. anyone know how to help me with this error? :confused:

I believe you need to configure Blender and point it at your installation of Python. Try dragging down the menu bar, and look under Paths.

I dont exactly understand what you are asking me to do.

I have one similar problem. My solution ( maybe help you ) is do a file .bat similar to this in the directory of blender

set PYTHONPATH="C:\BlenderForPanda\Python25;C:\BlenderForPanda\Python25\DLLs;C:\BlenderForPanda\Python25\Lib;C:\BlenderForPanda\Python25\Lib\lib-tk"
echo var es %PYTHONPATH%

In C:\BlenderForPanda\ i have installed python 2.5

The error of chicken maybe for the blender dont find the python enviroment.( and the plugins dont work in blender if blender dont find the pythonpath).

Of course, the blender have been compiled with python 2.5 in my case. I use blender 249b compiled for python 2.5 in windows.

In blender 2.55 the chicken exporter dont work today. Maybe in the future…

I never had problems with Blender detecting python, in fact it can use the one that comes with Panda.
First, if you mention python 3, then you probably mean Blender 2.5, which is not supported by Chicken, actually you could say chicken is not supported by Blender 2.5 instead, because:

  1. chicken is written in Python 2, not 3.
  2. the Blender API has been rewritten, so just porting the code from python 2 to 3 wont work.

If you are using Blender 2.49, it should require python 2.6, which matches Panda 1.7.0’s (and probably 1.6.2’s) python version, so ther shouldn’t be a problem.
If you really need to use Blender 2.5, you could try dae format, but ive heard the dae exporter for 2.5 doesnt support many things yet, or you could try opening the 2.5 blend file with 2.49 and exporting with chicken, but some data might be lost then, the 2.5 blend files aren’t as backward-campatible as the older versions.