Chicken creates meshes in the scene?

I’ve been using chicken to export objects from blender, and it’s been working mostly fine (I have a problem with a model that has two materials, one with a texture and one with only colour, and either the colour won’t export or the faces that are meant to only be coloured are exported textured, but that’s not the main problem.)

The actual problem is that every time I export something, chicken seems to create a mesh that isn’t a child of any scene, and is impossible to delete. While this isn’t a blocking problem, it isn’t intended behaviour (as far as I know) and it is rather annoying to have 40 users for a material that I only made for one object/mesh.

So why does chicken do this, and is it a bug?

During export Chicken clones your object, edits it to what is required for export, so as not to touch the original object, and then deletes this new object when it is done. For some reason I am guessing this deletion is not working for you, though I can’t think why - its a simple api call.

I see. Is there any way I can make the deletion work?

Honestly, no idea - this is not a bug I have seen before. It could be that the Chicken exporter is crashing before deleting the object, but after it has successfully exported - you could check the console to see if it gives any clues.

Nope, no errors on the console…

Can’t really think of anything that could explain this - sorry. You could try reinstalling stuff, but this might have to be one of those situations where one shrugs their shoulders and lives with it - from the sound of things it isn’t a show stopper.