Checking File Versions

This is problem more of a Python “scripting issue” but I’m gonna ask it here.

How would I go about checking file versions for a program I make? I personally do not want to host anything on my computer, so I’m thinking I could create a .txt or something and host it on my website with the version inside it. The text file would simply be something like “0.1” if the file version was 0.1. Nothing else at all on the .txt.
Something like this:

fileVersionSupposedToBe = somehow read a text file off a website
fileVersion = '0.1'
if fileVersion != fileVersionSupposedToBe:
     print "There is a new version of soandso file! Please update!"

But I don’t know how I would go about doing that. Please reply with an answer or a better way of checking file versions :smiley:

“Requests” module for Python works wonders. You could use it to read from a website or you could even make it read from a raw Pastebin which works well (not like anybody could / would tell the difference, either way), and it would probably have more uptime just in-case if your site goes down. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: