Character falls through floor when moving window.

So I have the basic physics enabled, everything collides as it should.

That is until I start moving my window.

When I move my window some how the engine interprets my character as in a state of falling.

Any of you know how to fix this?

I forgot which portion of the manual that said something along the lines of the engine goes into a certain state if the user clicks on a different window on the computer.

This can happen if the timestep of your physics engine is too big. The player falls all the way through the floor before it gets a chance to collide. Are you getting very low FPS while dragging?

Not sure can you tell me how to find out?

yes add this into your code somewhere base.setFrameRateMeter(True)
and modify Panda3D-1.7.2\etc\Config.prc

show-frame-rate-meter #t 

Yup you are right.

Holding down the window bar for about 2 to 3 seconds is enough to make it drop down to 1.3 FPS. Normally it runs at 60 FPS.

Any way to tell the engine to pause everything while the window is being moved?

I know the once mentioned what the engine did when the user decides to minimize the window.

A slightly easier solution is in this thread: … 2c32b9b77e. Speficially drwr’s last post about capping the dt value so the physics doesn’t try to move too far in one frame.

Well that fixed it.