character controls

Hello, I have been reading through the forums and experimenting for a few hours now, and I still cannot figure out how to make the character move and animate correctly with WASD…can somebdy please show me basic code for movement and animation? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you mean with physics? or without?


you can make accept calls

just example code to give you the idea:

def foward():
    print "going forward!"

base.accept('w', forward)
base.accept('a', left)
base.accept('s', backward)
base.accept('d', right)

you can do accept calls like that to accept key events, then you should look in the manual for animating characters…

for a complete example look at the Roaming Ralph demo, it explains animations, collision, and moving the character on key events.[/u]

Thanks, i didn’t realize the ralph thing was included with Panda3D…i couldn’t find it online, i guess that’s why :smiley: my bad