changing meshes

On a single part actor, I am trying to toss the entire mesh and anims from an actor, and replace them with a different one (same instance).

mesh-a.egg mesh-a-anim.egg
mesh-b.egg mesh-b-anim.egg

Can anyone help?

check this out - I guess could give you some inputs

What aspect of the actor needs to stay constant that you can’t just load a new file to the same variable?

Thanks for the help guys, I think I have things working the way i’d like at this point…

Now I just need to figure out a way to query from an actor (or a part) what kind of egg is applied to it (like the filename of the egg maybe)

getPartNames() seems to return a list of the parts,
but what about the details about those parts?

i’m searching now for a func but not finding much…
much appreciated again

I don’t think the Actor is set up to remember which filename it was loaded from. You’ll have to store this information separately.