Changing HPR does not change coordinates of 'children' nodes

I have a nodepath (dummynode) that I use as a reference for other positions. However, if I change the heading of dummynode, it doesn’t seem to affect the position of the other nodes.

def redraw(self,task):
  arrow.lookAt(dummynode, Point3(5,5,5))
  dummynode.setH(dummynode.getH() + 5)

arrow doesn’t rotate with dummynode. Does the local coordinate system defined by dummynode not change with respects to HPR?

No, that should work. (0, 0, 0) won’t change with HPR, but (5, 5, 5) will.

Be sure to return task.cont from your task function, though, or it will stop after running just once. You can parent some visible geometry to your dummynode so you can get visual confirmation that it is actually rotating.