Changes in SDK Reflected in Distributable?

I want to check something, if I may: if I edit a Panda Python-class (such as a DirectGUI component) in my SDK installation, and then build a distributable version of a program that uses that class, will the distributable be built using that modified Python-class, or does the distributable wheel include the Panda Python-classes as well as the C+±side?

To explain: I’m hoping to release a public demo of a project of mine in the near future. However, DirectOptionMenus are, I believe, broken in the current production build of Panda, with the problem lying on the Python side of the code.

There is a fix for this in the repository, I believe, so I could wait for the extant fix to be included in a new production build–but I don’t know when that might be released, and don’t want to pester the devs if I can simply fix the problem myself. I could also use a pre-production build–but my understanding is that those are unoptimised, and I really don’t want this demo to run on an unoptimised build. I could also, I suppose, build my own version of the engine–but I’m not currently set up to do so under Windows.

Thus I’m hoping that I can simply fix the issue in the Python code of a local installation of 1.10.3, and have that be used when a distributable is built.

(I could probably just test whether this works–but I’m worried that I might get a false -positive or -negative in some way. Hence I’d appreciate official word on how this works! ^^; )

I’m fairly sure that it uses the modules from the .whl file.

If you want, you can grab an optimized .whl of Panda3D from our mirror, rename it to .zip, and replace the .py files inside. Then, you can rename it back to .whl, drop it in a folder somewhere, and put -f /path/to/directory on a line in the requirements.txt so that it looks in that directory.

However, it seems easier to me if you just copy the modified file to your game folder under a slightly different name, and used that instead.

… That would be easier, wouldn’t it? XD;

That’s a good idea, and I feel a little silly for not having thought of it! Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

I see that there have been several items assigned to the 1.10.4 milestone–do we know yet when that might be released? If it’s soon, I might just wait for that. If it’s not, or if the release is unknown, then I’ll likely go with your suggestion above.

As soon as possible, but I’m about to go on vacation, and the Windows buildbot is currently out of operation, and the server admin is also on vacation, so it may yet be a couple of weeks, but no more.

Ah, fair enough. I’d hoped to release sooner than that, so I may well go with your suggestion, then! But I’m still thinking about it, taking that into consideration. Thank you for the estimate! :slight_smile:

[edit] Oh, and enjoy your holiday! I hope that it’s a good and restful one. :slight_smile:

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