change resolution og game (without change window size)

Hello i search solution for have more performance in panda3D

I found many solution :

  1. max draw distance

It’s very cool parameters because i can load big world with very good performance

  1. setLodScale i don’t know what is it ?

with this 3 values i have not best or bad performance, what is this parameter used for?

  1. I search solution for implement dynnamic resolution, For example i want to have 800600 resolution in my fullhd screen but i want that my window size have 19201080.
    i dont want use WindowProperties setSize(800, 600) function

  2. I noticed that in panda the further I was from an object the more fps I had
    what is this mechanism ?
    Is there a parameter to force panda to further reduce the quality of distant objects?
    or vice versa to keep the best quality of distant objects.

  3. I use render Pipeline
    I have very nice graphics with…but the performance is very bad.
    is there a parameter to do less calculation on light?
    is there a parameter not to calculate the shadows of distant objects?