change mouse cursor icon in linux

Hello everyone. I’m back after a long time.

So my question is… is it possible to change my mouse cursor icon in panda3d using linux?

I’ve read here in this forum an other topic about it that said it wasn’t possible under linux but in my opinion is outdated because written in 2007.

ok. really thanks for your help!


I don’t think anyone has implemented this for Linux yet. Your next option is to make the mouse hidden, then use a software mouse pointer, by parenting geometry into render2d and using base.mouseWatcherNode.setGeometry().


ok I’ll try.
My doubt were because in this way the pointer was directly depending from the frame rate… I suppose…ù

Anyway if it’s the only way I try it now.

(and maybe I could write a patch or something)

Thanks! :smiley:


edit: in fact… it’s a bit too slow… nothing compared with the hardware cursor… Anyway thanks a lot!