Cg shaders not enabled (again)


I didn’t really want to resuscitate a thread that was more than a year old, … 6837a82014 but i still have the same issue a year later, and now it is getting a bit more troublesome :confused:

That is, although we reinstalled Panda (the latest version) compiled with the precompiler flag -DHAVE_CG 1 and also another time with the define added to config.pp, we still get the same “:gobj(error): Tried to load Cg shader, but no Cg support is enabled.” everytime the auto shader generator is enabled.

However, we installed the CgToolkit and compiler from nvidia, and we can write, compile and run cg shaders fine.
So i was wondering if anyone could provide me with some further diagnostic ideas?

Thank you!

(not sure if this fits in “installation” btw)

Hmm, what do you mean? Are you adding -DHAVE_CG=1 to the build command by hand? That would probably not be sufficient. If you’re using ppremake to build, setting HAVE_CG may also not be sufficient; you also have to set HAVE_CGGL and define CG_LIBS and CGGL_LIBS.

Of course, the default build provided here is already compiled with Cg support.

Are you sure your graphics card and driver support shaders?


That warning is only emitted when support for Cg has not been compiled in. Something must have gone wrong during compilation; either the build system must have failed to properly detect the Cg Toolkit, or you didn’t specify the location properly. You shouldn’t have to manually override the HAVE_CG preprocessor definition, a failure of its definition must have meant that something else has gone awry.

Perhaps you should verify that the Cg Toolkit (with the accompanying CgGL library) are properly detected by ppremake when you invoke it to prepare the build.

Many thanks for the fast replies,

I tried looking into CgGl today, but couldn’t find the library file (.so) anywhere on our computers (except mentioned in panda’s headers obviously) so that might be the problem (hopefully). I’ll ask the lab’s network admin about this tomorrow, and try to have him walk me through the installation process so i can take a look at any problems that might be occurring then (since i couldn’t find an install log anywhere).

Thanks again, i’ll update this when i get something new

That might be an indication that the NVIDIA Cg Toolkit is not installed at all.