Cg Shader in latest release?

Hello All,

From what i read i thought they were cgshader support in Panda3D but i cant’t find the Cgshader class in the latest release.
Sameway the cgshader samples does not work.

Do you think i’ve got a somehow corrupted installation (with missing files?)

Anyway i switch back to december release to have the sceneditor
working tomorrow=> testing a mocap tool :slight_smile:

There was a minor oversight, I accidentally posted a version compiled without Cg shader support, I think it’s fixed now.

Great great great …

Now just have to learn Cg shader to impress my foe :slight_smile:

is there some limitation we have to know about cg shaders in panda?

Maybe i should browse the cvs instead of asking and asking and asking
(it seems more documentation is available in cvs than in binary distribution)

Yes, you’re right - the posted reference is out-of-date. Unfortunately, that reference material was generated by a tool called “epydoc”, which is no longer compatible with panda. I have to find a new way to generate documentation. I’m on it.

  • Josh

Maybe DOXYGEN , i was using it when i was still a programmer at work…