Cell shading in Panda3d

Must the model be cell shaded or the engine use the cell shading.
I want to model something in Blender and want to make it cell shading in the modeller or can this be done in panda3d, I mean can every 3d model be cell shaded by the engine, does this feature exist?

I am actually wondering if something like this is possible too…

is it?

Cel shading is an algorithm involving two buffers and a couple of shaders. It’s easy to implement. Take a look at the Cel shading demo program included with panda3d 1.1.0.

  • Josh

ok, thx.

And if I want to use a textured model? When I try to put some the panda sample put my model with a white color, and the texture doesn’t appear. Any idea about that problem?

One of the bad things about “shaders” is that you have to change the shader every time you change the particular combination of rendering features you want to use. The model included with the cartoon shader demo doesn’t have a texture. To use a model that does have a texture, you have to alter the shader a little bit. To do this, you’ll need to learn more about shaders.