cefpython + panda3d

Recent release of cefpython added offscreen rendering and panda3d example. Everyone say thanks to czarek.tomczak :slight_smile:

When everything gets ironed-out we will have ideal solution for GUI in panda3d using html+js+css. On top of that - using few iframes we could even have in-game web browser just like that. Basically its a superior version of libRocket.

I also updated example a bit to add basic key event support which was commited to cefpython recently. Latest version of example can be found here


This looks great!
Could you elaborate a bit on the comparison to libRocket?

This is fantastic!

Is it cross platform, though? I know it’s Python, Cython and Chromium, all of which are cross platform themselves, but was the library built and tested on Linux and Mac? I can see that all downloads are labeled for windows.


Librocket is a GUI framework using HTML-based RML and Python scripting. This thing is embedded chromium, which means you don’t write your gui in a similar way to a webpage, but rather use a webpage as your gui.

Just read on Wikipedia that HTML audio and video is not supported, but NPAPI plugins are. So Adobe Flash might work in it.
What is even more funny: Panda’s browser plugin would work in CEF with that NPAPI, too - Pandaception!

With the Mac release that happened just yesterday, cefpython is now cross-platform (Win, Linux, Mac).