cAudio 2.1.0 Release!

The next version of cAudio has been released. cAudio is an advanced C++ wrapper around OpenAL that makes it easier to put 3D audio into your games and other applications. This version is mainly a bug fix release, but we did add some new features as well. We also redid how we made our SDK packages, now the full source is included with all of them, saving you the hassle of finding and downloading a separate source package. We did this due to the large number of compiler defines available to customize cAudio. We know our official SDKs are not perfect for every environment, so we wanted to make it easier for our users to customize it as necessary.

New Features:

  • New Memory System (allows for the user to override all memory allocations by cAudio, providing a custom allocation scheme if necessary)
  • New Memory Tracker (for finding memory leaks and tracking memory usage statistics)
  • Official Mac OS X and IPhone support

Major changes:

  • Removed old memory system due to numerous bugs.
  • Added a ogg vorbis close callback function to prevent a crash on Mac/IPhone
  • Reorganized cAudioDefines to order by platform.
  • Added defines to disable portions or all of the plugin system.
  • Added defines for finer control of what is compiled into the library.
  • Removed the ogg/vorbis encoding lib that was mistakenly linked in, which doubled the binary’s size.

Official Web Site:
Official Forums:
SourceForge Project:
API Documentation: … index.html
SVN Trunk:

Windows (MSVC 2008 and Codeblocks), Linux (Make and Codeblocks), Mac OS X (XCode) and IPhone (XCode) SDK downloads are available.
Get them here:

Thank you for your time and we hope that cAudio is useful to you. Remember, you can always drop us a line at our forums to ask questions, report bugs, or discuss with other developers.

I know it may seem like its a bit early for a release but i thought it was necessary to do one considering what has been added. If you have any questions please ask. If i failed to answer your question in my older post please ask here. Sorry if i missed you but i was rather bizzy on this release :slight_smile: