cartoon inking for 1 node?

Can i do cartoon inking only for a given node like I can with shading ?

I’m afraid that would be tricky to implement, as it is a fullscreen filter. You might manage to do it by overriding the aux bitplane attribute though.

Why is it a fullscreen filter, when cartoon shading isnt? Do you think thats a good idea?

Eh, that’s the way it works. It’s a lot easier (and most likely cheaper) to do cartoon inking as a postprocessing filter.

With the aux bitplane attrib, I mean something like:

objectThatShouldNotBeInked.setAttrib(AuxBitplaneAttrib.make(0), 100000)

Well I dont know what that does but no, it didnt work.
How about the Cg inking shader “inkGen.sha” from the samples, is that fullscreen too?


I had this problem again lately.

Basically I don’t want cartoon inking to affect my sky.

How about a separate display region for the sky? Will that work?

It’s easy to implement for a 2D game where the sky kep the same pos but for a 3D game + a moving camera… Don’t know how you can do that!

Actually if you use a texture format like png with alpha data (but not used) then the model wont have cartoon inking.
Is this what the devs intended, like disabling bloom with a texture, or is this a bug? Because its a useful one