CardMaker Bounds and saving to Bam file

I create a few cards using the CardMaker, set their bounds, setFinal(1), and reparent them to a NodePath. Then I save this to a bam file and open the bam in pview.

Now I need to find out some things about pview. I need to view the bounding volumes. When pressing ‘shift-b’ nothing happens. What is ‘shift-b’ supposed to do? When pressing ‘h’ it seems to show the bounding volumes.

If ‘h’ does show the bounding volumes in green spheres then why can I not see the bounds for each card that I have created with the CardMaker?

The reason why I change their bounds is because I create them with a very small size, setFrame(-0.01,0.01,-0.01,0.01), then I have a billboard shader which resizes them automatically. I set their bounds to the size that the billboard will be after the shader has been applied, but each card disappears differently when reaching the edge of the screen. Some do as expected and others disappear after they are half way off the screen.

Anyone have an idea how I could fix the bounds? I can upload the files if necessary.