Card with rounded corners

I would like to make a textured card (square) appear to have rounded corners by specifying a texture, and making the border color transparent. I’m sure this is fairly easy, but I can’t seem to find a way to make a certain color transparent. Thanks for your help.

making a “certain” color transparent is a quite outdated way of handling transparency.
these days you would just add an transparency-channel to your image, or load a seperate image as such a channel.
there are many tutorials how to paint transparent images with pretty much every drawing-application out there.

if you dont have the possibility to directly create an image with RGBA channels. you can use this function to load a grayscale image as alpha-channel
you should enable transparency on your node or it might show no effect.

If you want a deck of cards (square edges); I have one such deck completely modeled in maya; as well as the egg. All you would need to do is alter the textures and add rounded edges+alpha (textures are already in png format) or apply a grayscale alpha map to all of them procedurally.

PM me if you want the egg or the .mb (was done in maya 2008), as well as the textures.


ThomasEgi, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I was pretty easily able to get a png image working with transparency.

rwhughst, thanks for offer, but I was referring to cards as just a 2d rectangle generated by the CardMaker class in Panda. I think you meant cards as in playing cards.

Again, thanks for the quick responses!