Can't see action.

First, Hi! I’ll post a pic. (I have to use 1.3.0 for a script that I use to extract files :frowning: )
Can someone help me? Every file I try to see, I can’t see it! even the greeting card! I was just waiting to see if anyone else had the same problem,but I can’t wait any more! :imp:

If I had to guess, I’d say that you need to update your graphics drivers. Try downloading the latest drivers from the webpage of your graphics card manufacturer.


I didn’t have this with my drivers now(old) but now it does this. and if I update my drivers, some of my video card aps won’t work (like TV app :frowning: )
EDIT:going to try it in linux.

You could also try running in DirectX8 mode by changing your Config.prc from:

load-display pandagl


load-display pandadx8

It looks like your drivers have buggy OpenGL support, but they might support DX8 better.