Can't run sample programs.

Hi. Installation went smoothly but everytime I try to open a sample program it goes away. It doesn’t give me an error sign or anything. It looks like it starts to load modules then quits. Any ideas or suggestions. Thanks.

First of all, what operating system are you using?

If you’re using Windows XP, have you tried running the samples through the console? If not, go to the console (start->run->“cmd”), and enter the command for a sample program (acquired by right-clicking on the icon for the sample and clicking on “Properties”; the command in question should be in the field labelled “Target”, I believe). The resulting output, if any, might prove informative.

As an example of such a command, under my installation the Fractal Plants demo is run using the following command:
C:\Panda3D-1.5.2\python\python.exe -E

You will probably, I think, find that you will want to either change directories to that of the sample or include the appropriate directory before the name of the .py file.