Cant run pstats.exe

I’m using Windows with Thonny for my Python and Panda3d. If I just click the exe, it complains about not finding several dlls.


I’ve tried reinstalling Thonny and reinstalling panda3d in Thonny.

I don’t know anything about Thonny. But you could make sure that the Panda3D folder containing these DLLs is added to your system PATH environment variable. Or if Thonny has a way to set the PATH environment variable, you could add it there.

Resolved. In %appdata% Python3.7 there is a script folder that has all the .exes from the panda3d tools folder, and the pstats in the script folder runs.

I guess the ones like blend2bam just dont need the dlls, which is why I didnt notice the problem before.