cant get ralph to jump

I have been playing around with Roaming Ralph and i havent been able to get ralph to jump…
this is the code

    self.accept("escape", sys.exit)
    self.accept("arrow_left", self.setKey, ["left",1])
    self.accept("arrow_right", self.setKey, ["right",1])
    self.accept("arrow_up", self.setKey, ["forward",1])
    self.accept("a", self.setKey, ["cam-left",1])
    self.accept("s", self.setKey, ["cam-right",1])
    self.accept("arrow_left-up", self.setKey, ["left",0])
    self.accept("arrow_right-up", self.setKey, ["right",0])
    self.accept("arrow_up-up", self.setKey, ["forward",0])
    self.accept("a-up", self.setKey, ["cam-left",0])
    self.accept("s-up", self.setKey, ["cam-right",0])
    self.accept("spacebar", self.setKey, ["up", 1])

i dont know if i did it wrong or what…im kinda new to this
if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it…

Another man here made Ralph jump. You can look there: