Can't find Visual Studio?


So I downloaded panda from the cvs and when I try to build using makepanda.bat I get:

Could not find Visual Studio install directory.

Which is ridiculous. Since I have it installed. I didn’t see anything on the forums about this so…

makepanda queries VS installation from the registry. It doesn’t work either here, so I used to hardcode the path in

Makepanda looks for the visual studio location in this registry key:
Could you check if it exists?

What is the registry? xD

It’s there. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\

I think the problem is that it’s looking for version 8.0?

I assuming it will build with 9.0 if I make the change in

Also, would it build with an earlier version? Say 6.0?

Naa, the current system works with VC2005 (I believe thats VC8).
Problem is that every VC release breaks with the others, so we can only focus on one version at the same time. It’s always a hell when we try to upgrade.

People have succeeded in building panda against VC9, however. Check out this thread to see the modifications needed:

Can not open include file: ‘cxcore.h’: No such file or directory.

This happens on ‘openCVTexture.h’


any ideas?

That’s because the thirdparty zip from the download page doesn’t contain the new packages that the CVS depends on.
You’ll need to compile with the --no-opencv, --no-squish and --no-fcollada flags to makepanda.