Can't find Python import for PTAUChar

I need to use the PTAUChar method, heaps of example Python code snippets from the Panda 3D forum use it, but none of them mention where I can import it from. The Panda 3D docs only show where it is located in C++ (panda3d.core), but always fail to mention the equivalent Python import (I find this really annoying from the docs).

I have searched all over the Internet, but have been unable to find any information.

Does anyone know where I can import PTAUChar from in Python??

panda3d.core is the Python import, e.g.:

from panda3d.core import PTAUchar

Note the correct case of PTAUchar.


Ah, it was my spelling that was the problem, there was no capital C in PTAUchar.

There is no panda3d.core in the Python version of Panda 3D though, in Python you do:

from pandac.PandaModules import *

…to get access the PTAUchar

panda3d.core was added with version 1.7.0. For earlier versions, you must indeed use pandac.PandaModules instead.