cant export to egg with chicken

i cant export my models to egg with the chicken exporter. i looked for the reason and people say to put my chicken folders in a folder at blender foundation/blender/.blend/scriptsWARNING but my blender doesnt have the .blend or scripts.

the error when i try to export is
Chicken_interface could not be imported. Chicken will not work with this module.
The Reported Error was: The Chicken Interface requires a full python installation. cannot continue.

That error message combo is a little confusing I’ll admit, but its not a script directory problem - you have the Chicken script in the right directory. It is the second part that is relevant here - your copy of Blender does not have a full python install available, which Chicken requires - this problem and its solution is documented at the bottom of the installation guide. The easiest solution is to simply install python - Blender will then find and use it and the script should start working. (Make sure you get the right version, i.e. 2.6)