Can't convert .mb to .egg with panda exporter

I’m new to Panda3D and am unable to create a .egg file from a .mb. I open Maya, open the .mp scene, drag MayaPandaTool.mel onto the scene. t then opes the Panda Exporter interface.

I select…

Mesh, Export selected objects, Overwrite if file xists, EGG(ASCII) Reference textures relative to maya file (default), Export to root directory of source file (default), Use original filename.

Then I click on Export with high hopes… I get the Finished exporting (.mb -> .egg) message. But the .egg file never gets created. Its not in the root directory of the source file. Why doesn’t it create the .egg file???
__please help!

Hi…I have had the SAME exact problem as you …luckily I solved it (it has to do with a basic texture I think) anyway here is the post that has my workflow…I hope this helps you: … highlight=